Add Calendar.ps1 PowerShell This will add a user to a pre-designated status (Working From Home, Out of the Office, etc.) to a SharePoint calendar list. There are some great examples of date string manipulation, etc. and it can be modified to interact with any SharePoint list
copy_wwwroot.bat Windows Script This script makes an exact copy of a file folder, adding the current date - e.g. wwwroot copies to wwwroot_10.0123

Get-Host-VMs.ps1 PowerShell This will read a Hyper-V VM Host, gather information (like Name, Description,CPUs, Memory,etc.) for all Virtual Machines, and export them to a .csv list

TFS-push2PRD.bat Windows Script This script will merge a changeset from one track (such as STA) into the Production track, checks it in, and copies the comments into the check-in. It could be easily modified to work with VSTS.

Import-CSV.sql tSQL This is a "Bulk Insert" script for SQL. In this example, I parse the .csv file from Get-Host-VMs.ps1, and import the data into a SQL Database.