The Technology behind IT.
Although I've been in IT Management for many years  - I have never lost my love of learning what new tricks and tools can be used to give our customers better service, reliability, and lower cost. Technology is changing every day - and we must never stop learning, listening to others, and contributing what we know. 

How do I stay current?   
I keep a Home Lab built, and currently this is what it's running -> MS Hyper-V 2016 Core, running VMs (Virtual Machines): Server2016 Core, SQL2017 on Svr2016 (with GUI), Ubuntu Linux. 

I'm adding another SQL server and will set the DBs with Availability Groups (like clustering, but for the DBs, not the servers).  Next steps will be to install and configure my CI/CD pipeline: GitLab -> Chef -> Jenkins, and set up a Hubot with Slack to demo some ChatOps capabilities.

On this page, you'll find some links to examples of PowerShell, Batch, and tSQL scripts that I've written.  They should provide a baseline for you to build on and improve.

If you have other questions or just want a sounding board for your latest issue - feel free to Contact Me:   steve <at>

   Script Examples

  • PowerShell  <> SharePoint Lists
  • Modify DBs 
    ( windows.bat scripts creating .sql scripts and calling .ps - a little of everything! )   
  • Scripts List  (all in one place)
  • Linux Shell scripts (coming soon)

Remember - Even though we may be enthusiastic about technological changes...
Most end users don't care anything about how the technology that they use to do their work, a ny more than a carpenter cares about where or how their saw blade is made.  They just want it to work - reliably.                       -Steve